Updates on 10/18:

  • Added data from DCPS ReopenStrong case notification letters posted through 10/18 at 8pm and updated graphs, maps, and tables accordingly.

  • Added DC Health data for 10/15 and updated graphs and tables accordingly

  • Added several articles to the "In the News" page


Disclaimer: I am one person who has a separate full-time job. Maintaining this dashboard is something I am doing because it was a need that I heard expressed in my community that I thought I could help fill. I do my best to be as accurate as possible and I am very thorough; however, I admit it's possible there are a few mistakes I haven't caught. Any discrepancies should not significantly alter any of these statistics. 

What is quite possibly producing a significant difference in my attempts to analyze and meaningfully visualize the data is the fact that DCPS has provided case notification letters for around 200 fewer cases than DC Health has reported have occurred (see graph below). At this time, the cause of these discrepancies is not clear, but please take this with the caveat that I am lacking any details on about 1/3 of the cases DC Health has accounted for.

If you notice any errors on my part or have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to reach out through the form on the contact page. I also welcome any suggestions of data or charts you would find useful.

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Cases & Quarantine: Overview
(DC Health Data)

DCPS Total Positive Cases (Students)

Total Student Cases in SY21-22

(DC Health)



DCPS New Cases


New Student Cases on 10/15/21

(DC Health)



DCPS Average Daily Case

Rate (Students)

7-day avg. daily new student cases 10/9-10/15

(DC Health)



DCPS Total Positive Cases (Personnel)

Total Personnel Cases in SY21-22

(DC Health)



DCPS New Cases


New Personnel Cases on 10/15/21

(DC Health)



DCPS Average Daily Case

Rate (Personnel)

7-day avg. daily new personnel cases 10/9-10/15

(DC Health)



DCPS Total Positive Cases

(Personnel & Students)

Total Personnel & Student Cases in SY21-22

(DC Health)



Average COVID Cases Per


Total DC Health cases in SY21-22

divided by the number of schools



DCPS & DC Health Data Discrepancies

Total Missing Case Notifications

Total of DC Health Cases (through 10/15) not accounted for by DCPS ReopenStrong case notification letters (through 10/18)



Daily Missing Case Notifications

Daily 10/15 DC Health (11) cases not accounted for by DCPS ReopenStrong notification letters cases (14) on 10/15



DCPS Case Notification Letter Data

Case Distribution:

(DCPS Notification Letters )

Safety Metrics 

(DC Health)

Since the beginning of the school year, the goal has been to do asymptomatic testing on 10% (or 20% after a long weekend or holiday) of DCPS students each week. They have not yet reached this goal.


DCPS and DC Health have recently changed the way they report their testing so we are now able to determine what percent of DCPS's student population is actually in the asymptomatic testing program each week.

Percent of DCPS Students in Asymptomatic Testing 

Total student asymptomatic tests reported by DC Health that week

divided by the number DCPS students



Pediatric COVID Hospitalization via COVkid Project

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