Please note that trend data will be interrupted for the next week because there was no case reporting for two days (6/19 & 6/20) due to the observation of Juneteenth.

Updates on 6/24:

  • Updated case notification letters through 6/24 at 8:30pm

  • Updated CDC data

  • Updated compliance tracker

  • Added staff numbers from the OSSE Educator Workforce Report to the case density table. Now that is calculated as cases/(enrolled students + staff)

  • There is updated in-school testing data for the week of 5/15 however there are some obvious errors so I have not included that with the updated data and sent out some messages asking for corrections

Reminder: Check out the additional data tab in the menu for additional analysis of the January, February, and April test-to-return program, analysis of the weekly pre-k rapid testing, a back-up version DC Health's old COVID data, DGS's new dashboard of outstanding DCPS HVAC maintenance requests.

Disclaimer: I am one person and maintaining this dashboard is not my job. Instead, it is something I am doing because it was a need that I heard expressed in my community that I thought I could help fill. I do my best to be as accurate as possible and I am very thorough; however, I admit it's possible there are a few mistakes I haven't caught. Any discrepancies should not significantly alter what you see here.


What is quite possibly producing a significant difference in my attempts to analyze and meaningfully visualize the data is the fact that DCPS has provided case notification letters for around significantly fewer cases than DC Health has reported have occurred. Additionally, DC Health has switched to reporting some data on a weekly basis. Furthermore, DCPS, DC Health, DGS, and OSSE all have a record of posting updates days if not weeks later than they are supposed to. Therefore, please take everything you see with the caveat that I am doing my best to accommodate for gaps in the data that are beyond my control. I am attempting to resolve these issues through emails, FOIA requests, and advocacy to DC Council but have not yet been entirely successful. 


If you notice any errors on my part or have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to reach out through the form on the contact page or on Twitter (@K_M_C95)